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Roguelike Tutorial from /r/roguelikedev - Week 1

So I just did the first week's Tutorial for the /r/roguelikedev Roguelike Tutorial. My Repo on GitHub is: I'm going to look into the upcoming weeks tutorials and see what is coming up, and figure out what kind of things I should plan for. I did follow the RogueBasin tutorial a few years back, but I honestly don't remember what came of that. I did happen to notice some sort of an omission in the Tutorial dealing with drawing the @ symbol. When it was discussed on how to initially draw it, and what was happening in the code, it seems a bit lacking. libtcod.console_put_char(0, player_x, player_y, ' ', libtcod.BKGND_NONE) this line of code was mentioned in the last code block as something to be replaced, but it wasn't ever discussed before the end of the section. So I'm wondering if something didn't come across from the old RogueBasin Tutorial. I'll have to do some digging, and see

Roguelike Dev 2019

So I'm planning on actually trying something. I'm going to participate in the /r/roguelikedev 2019 and maybe actually do a small roguelike. Let's see what happens!
Well looks like nothing has happened here since 2011. Well that might change. Since they released the .dev domain names I snagged up Maybe I'll actually do something here now.